LeadBox™ Services

One click lead generation

With one click, the visitors to your website can provide you with their contact details, even from their cellphone.

Automatic SMS and Email reply

You can customize an automated response both via email and SMS, that your customer will recieve immediately. This feature is included in the monthly fee, at no extra cost!

See when your customer reads your E-mail

You will get a notice as soon as a customer reads your message sent via Leadbox. The most ideal period to contact a customer, is exactly at the same time when the customer reads your offer. Our noitification system greatly increases the chances of getting a deal!

Facebook Messenger access to your customers

For the first time in Histrory, you have immediate and automatic Messenger access to your potential client. You can now contact them via a new and extremely effective way.

Saving a form that was filled in incorrectly or incompletely

The average website has on avereage 2-3 enquires a day which can not be received by its owner! Why? Common typos and miss-spellings! For instance, if a clients email ends in ’.com’ but they accidentally type ’.cm’ your website will not forward you their enquiry. On an avereage wesbite, this is equal to 2-3 missed oportunities a day and 60 - 90 per month!

Our system however recognizes these common errors and forwards your clients enquiries on to you regardless if an error is made or not. This means you have the opportunity to recognise the simple error and not loose the chance of communicating with the potential client.

We have compiled a list of the most common errors that you can see clicking here.

Geo-determing the source of the form

LeadBox automaticially allows you to see from which city an enquiry is from. For example, a real estate agent in New York may not be interested in listing a property in San Francisco!

This function also allows you to see where most of your interest is comming from, and if desired, focus more intensly on other locations to increase sales in these areas also.

Complete Lead Analytics

LeadBox provides full analytics of the leads

  • calling history (click to call button action data)
  • quantity
  • location
  • browsing history of the customer within the website
  • time spent on website
  • contact details (name, email, phone, messenger)
  • number of website visits of a customer
  • whether the customer read the offer
  • status (pending, under process, done)
  • attached documents (x-ray, etc.)

Full access and control dashboard

LeadBox provides a Dashboard, that gives you full control and access to the system

  • payments
  • billing
  • leads data
  • settings (customized SMS and email text, click to call number, email address etc.)
  • CRM