LeadBox™ General information

What is LeadBox?

LeadBox is software that not only increases the number of your incoming leads, but also makes communicating with them far more efficient. This means you can maximize the potential of your leads, convert them into customers more easily and frequently, and damaticially increase your sales!

How does it work?

One click lead generation

Potential customers will be able to send you all their contact details (Email address, Facebook messanger chat, phone number etc) with only one click via LeadBox. No more need for your potential customers to manually enter all their contact information ever again! The service operates both on PC and mobile devices.

Automatic SMS and email reply

Once the potential customer has clicked on LeadBox, it immediately sends both an SMS and email notification to them. The automated SMS and email text can be edited as per your requirements. An example of this may be: "Dear visitor, thanks for your enquiry, one of our team will be in touch with a personalized offer shortly!”.

Facebook Messenger

One main advantage of LeadBox is the ability to immediately communicate via Facebook messenger with your potential customer, as soon as the lead has been received.

See when your customer reads your email

LeadBox shows in real time when your customer is reading your automated email. This keeps you up to date, to the minute, with the progress of getting your message to the client.

Saving a form that was filled in incorrectly or incompletely

The average website has on avereage 2-3 enquires a day which can not be received by its owner! Why? Common typos and missspellings! For instance, if a clients email ends in ’.com’ but they accidentally type ’.cm’ your website will not forward you their enquiry. On an avereage wesbite, this is equal to 2-3 missed oportunities a day and 60 - 90 per month!

Our system however recognizes these common errors and forwards your clients enquiries on to you regardless if an error is made or not. This means you have the opportunity to recognise the simple error and not loose the chance of communicating with the potential client.

We have compiled a list of the most common errors that you can see by clicking here.

Geo-determing the source of the form

LeadBox automaticially allows you to see from which city an enquiry is from. This is very useful and can save you precious time. For example, a real estate agent in New York may not be interested in listing a property in San Francisco!

This function also allows you to see where most of your interest is comming from, and if desired, focus more intensly on specific locations to increase sales in these areas also.


The performance of LeadBox can be easily reviewed in the dashboard/control panel of your website. Here it is quick to sort through the statistics from varying perspectives, track and easily manage your leads.


We tried price LeadBox so that the cost would be neglidible. We calculated this at 24,-EUR / month and a free 14 day trial.

How do I order?

LeadBox is free for the first 14 days. At the time of joining you will need to provide an email address, where LeadBox will deliver the incoming leads. We do not ask for bank or card details during the trial period.

After 14 days, the leads will continue to arrive, but their details will only be visible after payment. LeadBox is a "widget". That is software which is integrated into a website. Your webmaster will need to insert a code into the websites programming. Instructions for this can be found in our "code insertion" guide. It takes around 5 minutes to insert the code. If you need assistance inserting the code, you can send your website’s login details to support@leadbox.mobi and we will happily insert the code for you free of charge. Payment is made via an external company. We do not see your card details and the bank informs us once payment is received.